3 factors that affect the rate of photosynthesis

The simplest equation for photosynthesis: Add one bead of a dilute liquid soap solution to each cup utilizing a pipette. They determine the rate at which photosynthesis occurs. Also to determine whether saline and alcohol are inhibitors or activators Hypothesis: Enzymes have an optimum temperature or a temperature at which they work best, so this will also affect the rate of photosynthesis.

Precise timing was important. Since cellular respiration is taking topographic point at the same clip inside of the foliage discs.

The lab could be used in a unit on, the scientific method, a photosynthetic unit or in a unit on environmental problems global climate change and its affect on plants.

Fix milliliter of 0. The bicarbonate will serve as a source of carbon dioxide for the leaf disks while they are in the solution. In C plants, increasing CO, concentration above the compensation point stimulates photosynthesis over a wide concentration range.

Conclusion Photosynthesis and the rate at which it occurs was shown in this experiment. Make sure enough disks are available to properly complete a controlled experiment. Obtain a prepared slide of a leaf cross section x-section. This means that coastal areas are neither too hotnor too cold. On a deeper level, other factors like amount of chlorophyll, availability of nutrients eg Mg is needed for chlorophyll synthesis will also affect the rate of photosynthesis, though these are rarely covered in discussion of this topic.

Quantitative Datum action - time in seconds Qualitative Datum action - extent of bubbling 10 2 20 1 30 1 40 1 50 0 60 0 Average 1 Concentration factor large pieces: Let go of the vacuity.

Ideally, a teacher would have no more than twenty four students to coach through this activity. On the day of the experiment, cut 10 cm lengths of Elodea, put a paper-clip on one end to weigh them down and place in a boiling tube of water in a boiling tube rack, near a high intensity lamp, such as a halogen lamp or a fluorescent striplight.

If there are bubbles present, make sure to get rid of them before continuing the experiment.

What Factors Affect the Rate of Cellular Respiration?

The light source is provided by a lamp and light intensity is measured by the distance of the lamp in relation to the pond weed. Many plants spread out their leaves in such a way that each leaf maximises the amount of light falling on them and the lower leaves are not shaded by the ones above.

There were issues regarding the spinach leaf disks, which could have been the reason why the ones that were put in to water showed no results. Three things that affect a community are the size of it, the numberof people in it, and the resources it has available.

The factor that will effect photosynthesis the most is light. Actually, the chief real-life controller of cellular respiration is the metabolic work that the cell happens to be performing.

Three factors that affect the rate of dissolving.

Investigating factors affecting the rate of photosynthesis

It will be shown in the treatment whether the hypothesis made was right or wrong. As the light intensity increases, photosynthetic C02 fixation increases until it equals CO, release by respiration.

Factors that affect Photosynthesis are: Put a little volume around 5 milliliter of Na hydrogen carbonate with the soap solution from the prepared cup into one syringe and a little volume of H2O with soap into the other syringe.

Assure that no discs are stuck to the side of the syringe. At higher temperature, the enzymes become inactive. The available mass of carbon dioxide increases with each addition. Avoid major veins or damaged areas.

This process may hold to be repeated a twosome of times if it does non work the first clip. In this example the intensity of light is the limiting factor for the rate of photosynthesis. It was hypothesized that all of the discs would hold risen by proceedingss. At the terminal of each minute.

Factors affecting the rate of photosynthesis The term rate always involves time, so the rate of photosynthesis can be considered to be how fast photosynthesis takes place.

Name 3 Factors the affect the rate of photosynthesis?

This can be measured by the amount of glucose produced by a plant over a given time. By understanding the factors that affect the rate of photosynthesis they can do work to try and increase the rate of photosynthesis to increase the yield of a crop.

The three main things affecting the rate of photosynthesis are: Light; Temperature; Carbon dioxide; These. Lesson plan (PowerPoint) and activities to achieve the following learning objectives: 1) Recall the factors that affect the rate of photosynthesis 2) Analyse scientific data 3) Draw conclusions from qualitative and quantitative information Differentiated activities included.

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Exam Question included. Factors affecting rate of chemical reaction: concentration, pressure, temperature, The orientation of molecules affect the probability factor, p. The simple molecules have more ways of proper orientations to collide. E.g.

Factors That Affect the Rate of Reaction of Peroxidase

The rate of photosynthesis is more on brighter days. However, some photochemical reactions involving the free. Answers:Look at the effect of light on photosynthesis. Full details in link. Full details in link. Question: For my bio lab report, we have to come up with a COMPREHENSIVE list of all abiotic factors that could affect the growth of a producer in an ecosystem.

1) learn that the rate of photosynthesis is influenced by environmental factors that can be quantified 2) understand the equation of photosynthesis and how the structure of a leaf allows for the required gas exchange to occur through the stomata.

3 factors that affect the rate of photosynthesis
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