A history of the texas revolution and antonio lopez de santa annas influence on its beginning

Santa Anna also looted the rich Zacatecan silver mines at Fresnillo. Houston vowed that Texas would recognize Cherokee claims to land in East Texas as long as the Indians refrained from attacking settlements or assisting the Mexican army.

Dimmitt declared martial law and soon alienated most of the local residents. In he marched north with his forces to play his controversial role in the Texas Revolution. The outlaws of the neutral ground organized themselves into bands, and fought over land titles and for political domination, and in commenced a war against the Mexican authorities under the leadership of Hayden Edwards, an empresario, whose contract had been annulled on account of the conflicts which had arisen between the claims of his colonists and the original Mexican inhabitants and squatters.

The Texans crossed over and marched down the right bank of Buffalo Bayou to within half a mile of where the Bayou joined with the San Jacinto River.

The grateful rebels made him first a colonel and later a brigadier general. Austin was the supreme authority, the judge and commandant. Of the volunteers serving from January through March78 percent had arrived from the United States after October 2, No longer a danger, he lived out his last days in semipoverty, dying in Mexico City in June He rebelled against the administration three years later and was elected president of Mexico as a liberal inbut in he stated that Mexico was not ready for democracy and emerged as an autocratic Centralist.

He played a key role in the Texas Revolution and the founding of the Mexican Republic.

Antonio López de SantaAna

Austin's petition was forwarded to the central government, and he returned home. During the course of this punitive expedition, Texas declared its independence from Mexico March 2. Using his superb organizing ability, he raised an army of 18, despite a depleted treasury and came within a whisker of defeating General Zachary Taylor at Buena Vista.

As a reward, Santa Anna allowed his soldiers two days of rape and pillage in the capital city of Zacatecas; civilians were massacred by the thousands.

The Texians created a banner with a crude drawing of the disputed cannon and the words "Come and take it" written on it.

The Goliad Massacre—The Other Alamo

That our government is bad, all acknowledge, and no one will deny. He fought for a time for the Spanish against Mexican independence, but along with many other army officers switched sides in to help install Augustin de Iturbide as head of state of an independent Mexico.

Their rear was protected by timber and the bayou, while in front of them them was an open prairie. September 16, In the midst of factional struggles within the colonial government, Father Manuel Hidalgoa priest in the small village of Dolores, issues his famous call for Mexican independence.

This was called " The Fredonian War," was easily suppressed, Austin and his colonists taking part with the Mexican authorities. Jeff Long, Duel of Eagles: Travis for the regular army and Jim Bowie for the volunteers. He remained in power untilwhen he marched into Texas to quell a rebellion by primarily U.

As commanding officer in the northern campaign he lost the battle of Buena Vista in Februaryreturned to Mexico City, reorganized the demoralized government, and turned east to be defeated by Winfield S. They believed a closer location for the capital would help to stem corruption and facilitate other matters of government.

Despite a series of U. Many Americans began to argue that they should separate from Mexico, they were also supported by many Mexican liberals. Santa Ana did not remain loyal for long; he was one of the first to pronounce against Iturbide's empire, seizing the port of Veracruz in the name of the revolt which ended Iturbide's short-lived imperial experiment.

The final straw for Americans in Texas was Santa Anna's annulment of the Federal Constitution of and feared they would lived under a tyrant with no representation at all. State House Press, In he was recalled by the Centralists, but again power turned his head.

One of the major grievances against Mexico by the Texans was that it was an appendage to the state of Coahuila. To the disappointment of the Texians, the saddlebags contained only fodder for the horses; for this reason the battle was later known as the Grass Fight.

Meanwhile, Santa Anna with his large army and heavy cannon became bogged down in the wetlands of east texas. His personal heroism in battle, which resulted in having several horses shot out from under him and the loss of half of his left leg, became the basis of his subsequent effort to secure his power by creating a cult of personality around himself.

This was not enough to crush a rebellion and provide security—from attacks by both Indians and federalists—throughout the rest of the country. Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna was a Mexican president and general. He played a key role in the Texas Revolution and the founding of the Mexican Republic.

Santa Anna, Antonio López de (–) Mexican general and dictator. He was the dominant political figure in Mexico from tosometimes as president, sometimes unofficially as the result of a coup. Santa Anna and the Texas Revolution On September 29,a detachment of the Mexican army arrived in Gonzales, Texas, a Mexican state, to confiscate a cannon.

The cannon was well hidden, but eighteen armed men stood in plain sight. In the end, Santa Anna’s foolishness played a major role in losing Mexico all the land stretching from Texas to California.

InSanta Anna personally led the Mexican army into Texas to put down the Texas Revolution. It was a revolution that Texas would eventually win. One of the greatest helps to the Texan cause was Santa Anna, the Mexican president, who provided the cause for revolution, stirred up the Texans' anger and zeal, and caused the Texans to win the final battle at San Jacinto.

Mexico Timeline

Antonio López de Santa Anna, in full Antonio López de Santa Anna Pérez de Lebrón, (born February 21,Jalapa, Mexico—died June 21,Mexico City), army officer and statesman who was the storm centre of Mexico’s politics during such events as the Texas Revolution (–36) and the Mexican-American War (–48).

A history of the texas revolution and antonio lopez de santa annas influence on its beginning
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