An analysis of the concept of working under government contracts

Cost or pricing data are more than historical accounting data; they are all the facts that can be reasonably expected to contribute to the soundness of estimates of future costs and to the validity of determinations of costs already incurred.

Inappropriate use of this SIN is providing professional engineering services not specifically related to integrated logistics support and its associated disciplines.

A firm-fixed price order shall be requested, unless the ordering office makes a determination that it is not possible at the time of placing the order to estimate accurately the extent or duration of the work or to anticipate cost with any reasonable degree of confidence.

For each functional area, the SSEB chairs recommended, based only upon the offerors' QRC subfactor ratings, a cut-off that would provide for a "sufficient, high-quality competition.

The expeditious implementation of technically acceptable single processes can significantly decrease the costs of performance and facilitate the realization of the full benefits of Acquisition Reform. In our view, the labeling of a procurement as "simplified" does not absolve the agency from its obligation to treat vendors fairly.

All costs identified specifically with other final cost objectives of the contractor are direct costs of those cost objectives. With respect to the Army's contention that since this solicitation, on its face, is identified as a commercial item procurement using simplified acquisition procedures, no further analysis is needed, we disagree.

In an acquisition in which an agency anticipates receiving a large number of proposals, phased solicitation and evaluation could make for a more efficient, less time-consuming and more economical competitive process.

The determination of allowability shall be based on the principles and standards in this subpart and the treatment of similar or related selected items. For cost-reimbursement research and development contracts with educational institutions, it may be predetermined; that is, established for a future period on the basis of cost experience with similar contracts, together with supporting data.

The term does not include routine training, force rotation, or stationing 10 U. ABSTRACT Public-sector entities responsible for procurement of essential medicines and health commodities in developing countries often lack the technical capacity to efficiently ensure supply security.

Cost-reimbursement contracts are suitable for use only when uncertainties involved in contract performance do not permit costs to be estimated with sufficient accuracy to use any type of fixed price contract. The clock cannot stop or be restarted while awaiting an acceptable or definitive paper.

Government, including trade shows, which contain a significant effort to promote exports from the United States. Closeout The process in which the awarding agency determines that all applicable administrative actions and all required work of the award have been completed by the recipient and the awarding agency.

Types of Government Contracts

Contracting officers should review the computations and factors included within the specified schedule and ensure that unallowable or unacceptably computed factors are not allowed in cost submissions.

Fixed - Price Contract With Economic Price Adjustment Use is appropriate to protect both the Government and the contractor when there is serious doubt about the stability of labor or material prices during the life of the contract.

In our view, neither of these considerations is appropriate under the circumstances of this, or any other, procurement, nor are they advisable for the integrity of the public procurement process.

Incentive contracts are designed to obtain specific acquisition objectives by establishing reasonable and attainable targets that are clearly communicated to the contractor, and including appropriate incentive arrangements designed to motivate contractor efforts that might not otherwise be emphasized, and discourage contractor inefficiency and waste.

Although the SSEB chairs informed the SSAs of the significance of the letter ratings, there was no discussion of the specifics underlying each firm's rating.

In addition, the Army argued that revealing the relative weight of factors in the solicitation would hinder the agency's ability to change the weight of those factors during the course of its evaluation.

Some best practices in competitive process design include the following: This term includes both direct assignment of cost and the reassignment of a share from an indirect cost pool. Time - And-Materials Contracts A time-and-materials contract may be used only when it is not possible at the time of placing the contract to estimate accurately the extent or duration of the work or to anticipate costs with any reasonable degree of confidence.

Under strict public scrutiny and pressures to be transparent, many agencies continue to use archaic procurement methods and to depend on inflexible forecasts and cumbersome tendering processes. The elements may include hardware, equipment, software, or any combination thereof, but exclude construction or other improvements to real property.

We look to the substance of an agency's actions, rather than the form. As for the role of past performance, the solicitation set forth considerable detail, including how the agency would use the past performance assessment, and what it would consider.

In deciding the protest, the GAO made the following comments:. Under the reasonable cost approach, the net cost of a reasonable cost analysis, both the Government and the contractor must approach an equitable adjustment with fewer for contract work without the modification.

o. The basis for adjustment is normally the contract.

Strategic contracting practices to improve procurement of health commodities

Almost since government contracting began, there has been a special process followed for disputes arising under a government contract between the Government and the contractor.

Untilthis process was governed solely by a "Disputes" clause found in almost all government contracts.

Government Contracting Terms & Definitions

Jun 24,  · Although they may offer additional discounts, prime vendors are private wholesalers engaged in separate service contracts that facilitate the efficient ordering and delivery of the pharmaceutical products included under these government-wide framework contracts.

White Paper Types of Government Contracts All federal agencies use fixed-price contracts, so the opportunities for contractors are numerous and widespread. likely not be used, are concept studies or basic research. Contracts resulting from sealed bidding are firm-fixed-price (FFP) contracts, or fixed-price contracts with economic price adjustment.

Commercial Pricing for Government Contracts (Editor’s Note. The following is the first of many future articles we plan on addressing practical pricing issues. We would like to apply our extensive experience helping clients price their proposals to provide some insights into pricing strategies and techniques.

Equitable Adjustment Concepts. o - Cost Issues. o - reasonable cost analysis, both the Government and the contractor must approach an equitable adjustment with fewer facts and increased reliance on judgment.

Types of Government Contracts

for contract work without the modification. o.

An analysis of the concept of working under government contracts
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