An examination of the makah native indian tribe

Did they wear feather headdresses and face paint. Kellet was unable to pronounce the name correctly and recorded the site as Neah Bay. This council shall consist of five members, duly elected to serve 3 years, except as provided in section 4, two members being elected each year except that every third year, one shall be elected.

In addition to its land territories, the Makah tribe reserved numerous ocean fishing banks and sea mammal hunting areas when the treaty was signed.

They used various types of canoes. Sinceshe has worked for the Cape Flattery School District, which supplies the public education services for the Makah Reservation.

Other people are afraid that the Makah hunt will cause commercial whaling of the Pacific gray population again, and that the tribe plans to sell whale products overseas. Makah language The Makah language is the indigenous language spoken by the Makah people. Whaling[ edit ] Makah oral history relates that their tradition of aboriginal whaling has been suspended and re-established several times.

The five permanent villages, Waatch, Sooes, Deah, Ozette and Bahaada, were located along the shore of the northwestern-most point of the continental United States.

All persons of Indian blood whose names appear on the official census roll of the tribe as of April 1, Serving the Makah Tribal Council is the Makah tribal organization, which is made of employees and a managerial level staff of directors under a general manager.

The whale died within 12 hours, sinking while heading out to sea after being confiscated and cut loose by the United States Coast Guard. From seals to salmon to whales, the sea was — and still is — a large part of the livelihood of the Makah.

The Makah Nation has its own government, laws, police, and services, just like a small country. Many Makah children like to go hunting and fishing with their fathers. To adopt resolutions regulating the procedure of the council itself and other tribal agencies and tribal officials of the reservation.

Their inland holdings were equally vast and reached as far east as Lyre River and as far south as the lands they shared with the Quileute. Because of that treaty, the Makah tribe is allowed to hunt one whale every year.

These longhouses had cedar-plank walls. Each of these areas has a name in the Makah language, and are not necessarily close to the coast. Assignments made under this section shall be known as "exchange assignments. When the gray whale was taken from the endangered species list because its population was higher than it had been since commercial whaling times, the Makahs decided to exercise the treaty right to hunt again.

The constitution provided for a five-member Tribal Council. By the s, Makahs voluntarily stopped whale hunting because there were virtually no whales left in their waters. These summer camps were closer to the traditional fishing, whaling and gathering areas of the Makah.

The hunt is also a prime example of the benefit of years of hard work and sacrifice that have been invested in bringing the old ways back to modern life. However, it survives as a second language, and the Makah tribe is attempting to revive the language, including through preschool classes.

The former could be used for food, oil, and skins, while the latter were used for skin and teeth. Makah Tribe Ecological Practices The early Makah had a keen understanding of their environment and a great respect for the plants and animals which sustained them through the cold, dark and stormy coastal winters.

The Wolf Ritual of the Northwest Coast. What is it like now. Whaling[ edit ] Makah oral history relates that their tradition of aboriginal whaling has been suspended and re-established several times. How do we know things about a way of life that archaeologists say began some 4, years ago.

The Makah and their extended families would share these structures and it was common to have several generations living in each one. WHEREAS, the Makah Tribal Council is the governing body of the Makah Indian Tribe of the Makah Indian Reservation, Washington, by authority of the Constitution and By-Law of the Makah Indian Tribe approved on May 16, by the Secretary of the Interior; and.

The Makah Tribe welcomes you to the Makah Cultural & Research Center, home of the Makah Museum. The Makah Cultural and Research Center includes the world renowned Makah Museum, as well as the Museum store, Makah Language Program, Archives and Library Department, Makah Education Department, and Tribal Historic Preservation Office.

The Makah are a Native Indian tribe who have recently decided to enact their treaty rights, and start to hunt for whales.

Non-Indians and the Makah, 1788 to 1855

These actions have caused an uproar in North America. The Natives state that they are not doing anything but exercising their legal rights. The Makah Indian Tribe of the Makah Indian Reservation are a federally recognized tribe of Makah Indians.

Linguistically and ethnographically, they are closely related to the Nuu-chah-nulth and Ditidaht peoples of the West Coast of Vancouver Island, who live across the Strait of Juan de Fuca in British Columbia, Canada. Selected opinions of the Makah Tribal Court.

At LexisNexis ($$$). At Versuslaw ($$$). MAKAH is a Native American tribe that resides at the extreme northwestern corner of Washington State, where the Pacific Ocean meets the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

Together with the Nuu-chah-nulth bands of Vancouver Island, Canada, the Makah form the Nootkan subgroup of Northwest Coast Native cultures.

Makah Tribe An examination of the makah native indian tribe
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