Journalism in the 21st century

We must spend quality time online showcasing our skills, engaging with our audiences, networking with individuals and organisations and searching for opportunities. You can watch the video, follow the presentation, respond to polling questions, ask the presenter questions and participate in any discussion forums.

Functions of a Journalist and Journalism ethics and standards: If this is your first Poynter NewsU Webinar, please test your connection.

The New Ethics of Journalism: A Guide for the 21st Century

Twitter, blogs, and citizen journalism have contributed successfully in making the whole world just like one big family. Functions of a Journalist and Journalists need to: We strongly suggest viewing our Webinars with a wired connection.

The meaning of journalism in the 21st century

There were four important factors in this trend: This Webinar also is for journalism educators who want to equip their students with the framework for ethical decision-making in a changing media landscape.

The Internet has become the treasure trove of news and information. One of the first daily newspapers, The Daily Courant, appeared in She conducts workshops in newsrooms and at journalism conventions across the country.

This, of course, will not have been improved by the current wrangling over the establishment of a new independent press regulator.

The meaning of journalism in the 21st century

By contrast, citizen journalists are not required to have thought about journalistic standards and ethics and this is a bonus for the profession because it draws a clear distinction between the professionals who are bound by their code to aim for accuracy, balance and reliability.

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The New Ethics of Journalism: A Guide for the 21st Century

Multimedia Journalism — The evolution of journalism in the 21st century Published by admin at June 21, Progress and development have been the hallmark of human existence since our species came into being. Videos, text, pictures and online radio — news is dished out in every possible manner across websites and social media — beamed straight to the smart devices and computers across the globe.

We are well aware it is not only the journalist who matters; the platform also plays a great role. Some of these will make a difference in our lives — for example, the Syrian crisis and the flow of migrants into Europe, or the US election which has repercussions far beyond North America.

The life of the modern day multimedia journalist is definitely challenging, but with the projected growth in the media industry, it seems that these great challenges will also reap great rewards. Kelly McBride of The Poynter Institute and and Tom Rosenstiel of the American Press Institute, in the book, The New Ethics of Journalism: Principles for the 21st Century, have articulated a new set of principles to guide journalists through ethical decisions and help educators prepare students for the modern pressures they will face in their journalism careers.

There is no exact answer to the question “What is a journalist in the 21st century?”. Today we are divided into the two categories “professional” and “citizen”. But fewer than a third (29%) said they thought the existing regulatory framework for journalism was adequate and almost as many (27%) said they did not have confidence in regulatory procedures.

21st Century Learning: Preparing Students Today August 28, by Sherrelle Walker, M.A Today, we live in a world dominated by technology.

Multimedia Journalism – The evolution of journalism in the 21st century

Our interactions with the world and with one another are mediated by computers, tablets and smart phones. In 21st century journalism, the public is a community in which plays a very important role.

Citizen journalism has given the typical journalism a whole new edge. Furthermore, the coverage has expanded considerably; information has become more diverse and engaging.


Technology continues to transform journalism in the 21st century. As people are turning to the internet and social media platforms to get news stories, reporters are responding to the pressures of staying alert and submitting stories through a variety of news outlets as soon as they break.

Journalism in the 21st century
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The Evolution Of Journalism In The 21st Century