Monologue a cream cracker under the

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A Cream Cracker Under the Setee

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Write as much as you know about the words, including who uses it. A Cream Cracker Under The Settee is a dramatic monologue written by Alan Bennett in for television, as part of his Talking Heads series for the BBC. I drop into the Comment threads once in awhile. I've started a new format where I can just respond to you directly on the thread, so expect more of that.

‘A Cream Cracker under the Settee’ is a monologue of a character named Doris, who is in her 70’s and is coming to the end of her life. She fell whilst cleaning a picture of her and her deceased husband Wilfred on their wedding day, in her living room where most of the play is set.

‘A Cream Cracker under the settee’ is a monologue which was extracted from a series of monologues written by Alan Bennett for the BBC. These monologues give the audience a window into the life of a variety of people that society often forgets.

Monologue a cream cracker under the
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