Strategic hrm in the hospitality industry

So that the employee engagement can give Quality and Customer care and can perform the long term goal for orgaAll the business today in order to sustain on the market is seeking ways to improve their performance in different ways. Maintaining the brand image is also one of the critical jobs for the organizations and HR departments are one of the responsible departments to do so.

Moreover sometimes hiring less educated people will harm the services provided by the hotels, since hiring inappropriate employee in hotel can alter the services at very rapid pace, since in hotels direct customer interaction is being conducted, hence affecting the image of the entire organization Poole, One of the main important elements that has noted is that the consumer behavior is hospitality industry is changing with significant rates.

There are many examples of huge companies facing failure when entering into different countries. Customer concentrating culture can be produced through vast training. There are many cultural factors that prevent the company, in this case hotel to operate in the other regions, this was observed during the analyses of the document that was required to consider, these issues become more critical when they are not properly treated, and for the providing the appropriate treatment organization needs to have appropriate human resource management.

Nickson, Additionally, there are foreseen and unforseen challenges and opportunities that should be worked upon to either avert it or achieve it respectively. The use of the existing human resource management HRM practice and theory helps to contextualize it to the industries based on specific employment practices in the industries, such as working in the airline industry or managing tour reps.

The entire induction process of the company should be strategically followed by HR manager Wierzbicka, These strategies include Performance Related Pay PRP system empowerment, transformational leadership, quality management, quality circle etc.

The best way to hone your competitive edge is to recruit, develop and retain employees who are competent, accountable and passionate about their work.

The Role of the Human Resource Department in a Hospitality Organization

Making real customer target in just a company requires energy and remains doing of work despite any trouble. Here the education means the level of literacy rate in the country, this has become a critical issue for the HR management because, organizations working in the country having low literacy rate will make it hard for the organization to find the most appropriate employee for the position.

There have been researches conducted on the importance of the human resource management and as the business environment has transformed into more competitive world, the importance of having an adequate and appropriate Human Resource Management cannot be neglected.

The objective is to attain maximum individual development,desirable relationship between employers and employees and effective moulding of human resources as contrasted with physical resources. Giving high quality of employee helping the business managers to strategically organize the role of human resource within the organization.

Company should give empowerment to the, so that he may bring out new ideas which can only help the business In achieving the goal. Because, if there is a surplus quantity, it can be redeployed; and if there is a possibility of shortage, it can be made good.

It may pay to hire a specialized manager to oversee the HR workload and address problems such as absenteeism, poor morale and high turnover rates.

The Role of the Human Resource Department in a Hospitality Organization

Additionally, the assessment centers usually include other kinds of tests, which include cognitive ability tests, job knowledge tests, and personality inventories.

This is because of the lack of appropriate HR manager and department which are not fulfilling the different needs of the organization, as now days the HR department should be playing more strategic role instead of only restricted to traditional ways.

It is a HR strategy for winning the employee strategy and wining employee commitment. The workforce analysis is considered as one of the methodologies used because the workforce is a very important factor in human resources planning.

As a matter of fact, human resources planning has to be linked to the entire strategic direction of an organization, and the human resource practitioners need to have a strategic table and seats to define this strategic direction and to also have information about the organization corporate strategy.

The difference in the culture and the importance of realizing the difference is very crucial in every sector of the business including the Hospitality industry.

Other costs include the one associated with training, and possible transfer, or termination of the services of such employee. Hospitality industry across the globe has experienced boost due to globalization concept, this research report is based on the book written by an author named Ulrike Ditzel, and the name of the book is Cultural difference in business life, understanding German and American Business Culture.

In addition, the changing economic conditions are another aspect that is impacting this sector negatively.

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The business needs to retain in mind that the client satisfaction is very important to the expansion of the organization. The role of selection is crucial for some reasons. The organization must have a good understanding of their customers in order to understand their quality preferences and successfully implement service quality programs.

Developing the human side of the business. After analyzing the document that is being also discussed in the start of the report, reading the document helped to realize that HR manager has to more strategic in terms of handling HRM issues in the industry Aswathappa, For instance, Dubai one of the major financial hub before recession was the main country for many multinational companies to work and set their head office there, as the recession period is being over the state has again capture the sight of many businesses.

In the end part of the report, the importance of Human resource management is being discussed and how human resource manager can play its role in the development of the organizational performance. Stakeholder, such as local councils: For example, the business owner or manager may conduct most of the hiring and firing, leaving recruitment up to word-of-mouth from other employees.

Strategic Hospitality Human Resources Management

Through the above discussion it can be observed that the main factor influencing the business sector is the globalization and therefore people travelling for business purpose has provided the fuel for the hospitality industry Olsen, Zhao, But human resource planning can help reduce the possibility of employee departure through retention programs.

Customer satisfaction is directly connected to the client service. It is much easier and cheaper to keep the current customers satisfied and loyal, than acquire new customers to replace the ones that have started to use the rival's products or services because of the unsatisfactory service or quality.

Further, learning and development which forms the foundations of the brand has an equal foothold in this highly commercialized world. After the industrialization of the globe the concept of viewing the world as a single market was introduced known as globalization; in other and simpler words, one country stop selling and other quits buying.

Human resources planning: Through job analysis and strategic planning, including assessment of the environment and projections for future business, organizations can forecast short- and long-term staffing needs and the strategic use of the human resource functions to meet those needs.

Full-Text Paper (PDF): Strategic human resources management issues in hospitality and tourim organizations. Strategic Human Resource management is crucial for the Hospitality industry because in this service sector industry the product or the revenue generator and human Resource or employees or associates are serving the guest.

This means that the Human Resource is very important as well as crucial in the service sector industry. Describe current human resources management issues Describe the human resources planning process Human resources management (HRM) is often perceived as an extra cost for businesses; however, the opposite can be true.

Strategic HRM in the hospitality industry Strategic Human Reference management is vital for the Hospitality industry because in this service sector industry the merchandise or the income generator and individual Reference or employees or affiliates are providing the guest.

After analyzing the hospitality industry in the context of the human resource management and cultural affects, it has been noted that the there are various elements that effect the cultures for the hospitality industry.

Strategic HRM in the hospitality industry Strategic hrm in the hospitality industry
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Strategic Role of HRM in Tourism and Hospitality Industry