The flaws of men in timothy findleys the wars

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Critical analysis on “The Wars” by Timothy Findley Essay Sample

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In the story "War" by Timothy Findley, it is evident to the reader that the title is not actually talking about the war that is in the story but is talking about a different type of war. This was the only flaw with this novel and other than that problem it was a good story.

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Wars" by Timothy Findley describes the place of ordinary men in /5(1). monthly Comments.

investing education to insights an analysis of natural world from Latest breaking news articles. Critical analysis on “The Wars” by Timothy Findley Essay Sample. The Wars, written by Timothy Findley, is a story about World War I, and consists of many shocking images passed over to the reader.

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The flaws of men in timothy findleys the wars
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The Wars by Timothy Findley