The negative effects of a polygamous lifestyle

Even as there is secrecy to prevent outsiders from discovering the ways of the FLDS community, there is frequent internal watching to prevent followers from becoming disloyal. If polygamy has affected your life and you are in need of support, do not hesitate to speak to a therapist or counselor.

Polygamy still exists as either being recognized or unrecognized by the state. The problem might be that the man himself is not in a position to sire children but often the women are blamed.

Children can have the input of numerous adults in their care and upbringing, which is valuable. This term refers primarily to young single men who have been exiled from the FLDS community, often by dictate from the leaders, at times voluntarily.

In this case, women in polygamous marriages experience limited resources and financial support as compared to women in monogamous marriages. You can make a difference, too.

Effects of Polygamy on Women and Children

In contrast, this article explains that women living under polygamist arrangements are far more likely to have physical and psychological problems such as paranoia compared to women in traditional relationships.

Due to the lack of fresh, young, virile black men in the US, with numbers of these men dissipating every year, well educated black women have now joined polygamist sects in record numbers in hopes of securing a partner. A therapist can help sort out the tangled web of conflict and strife, help each person find individual time to themselves and bring some much needed direction.

Children are expected to report anyone, including parents, brothers, sisters, or friends. The women who consent to being in a relationship like this where they live alone and are dependent on male family members, are often unable to get married, whether because they are poor or thought to be ugly.

In a polygmous marriage, by definition, there is going to be a lot of conflict simply because there are more people involved potentially many more if there are a lot of children.

More than half had high blood pressure and diabetesand nearly half had a prior history of heart disease. If the polygamous marriage is happening in a place where that is not the norm, as the children grow older they will realise their family is unusual and may feel confused about this.

In the English language, polygamy is the practice of having more than one spouse at the same time. The Article goes on to show that the real target of the Utah statute are the multiple marital relationships present in all polygamy and not the religious motivation for polygamy undeniably present in much of the actual Mormon Fundamentalist polygamy practiced in Utah.

Among the men, 68 percent had one wife, 19 percent had two wives, 10 percent had three wives and 3 percent had four wives.

The Psychiatric Impact of Polygamy

Polygamous communities are a caste system. We work hard to provide accurate and scientifically reliable information. If the patriarch uses violence to control his children and wives, it is considered a private matter not to be reported.

Other interchangeable terms for plural marriage include celestial marriage or patriarchal marriage.

Polygamy can negatively affect women, study finds

Public agencies such as Workforce Services or Crime Victims Reparations referred them for psychological treatment as part of their overall treatment program. News Fri May 30, - Emotions are a sign that you are not on the path to God, and they are often associated with evil spirits.

The group can make it difficult for a child to see any family member outside the religious community father, mother, brother, sister, aunt, uncles, grandparent, etc. Nearly three out of four white women are married compared to one out of three black women.

Migrant labor When men are transferred to work in towns, cities, or places far away from home, African traditional societies allow them to have another woman who will stay with him while away from home for work reasons. One example that was shared was of a mother who repeatedly visited two of her children who had left the FLDS group.

Separation from the outside world and secrecy of the inside world maintain the necessary barrier between the FLDS community and the larger society.

Impact of a Polygamous Marriage on Children and Family

He also can determine the rules of the society in which his followers live, and change them at any time, without explanation. The desire for children is hence, one of the main reasons as to why people marry and some get married. Many people view polygamists as homosexual.

Moreover, polygamy may not be such a great deal for men, or society, either. In contrast, this article explains that women living under polygamist arrangements are far more likely to have physical and psychological problems such as paranoia compared to women in traditional relationships.

Health is not taught because the body is a forbidden subject and is to be covered up. Preliminary findings from the SIS research show that many children of first wives report a strong negative emotional impact. This is one of the reasons women acknowledged and accepted.

Impact of a Polygamous Marriage on Children and Family

The most telling variable in how a family is affected by their choice of marriage is in their religious beliefs. Personal desires are unwanted. The impact of polygamy on women has both economic and emotional aspects. The research has found that many men in both lower and middle economic groups marry second wives so that they will contribute to the economic maintenance of their polygamous families.

Polygamy can negatively affect women, study finds

Even so, some things are allowed in polygamy sects. Cell phones, high-end SUVs, sometimes computers, and laser surgery are some of the things that are highly favored and utilized.

Living arrangements vary by culture. 11/10/ AM THE POSITIVE EFFECTS OF LEGALIZING POLYGAMY: “LOVE IS A MANY SPLENDORED THING” EMILY J. DUNCAN* INTRODUCTION Long thought to be a hidden, rare, and cultish phenomenon, polygyny is in fact practiced by an estimated 30, topeople in North America.1 It has recently been the focus of an FBI “Most Wanted”.

Tapestry spokeswoman Roweena Erickson, a refugee from another polygamous sect, said the sisters’ experience is common to that of women and children raised in polygamous organizations. Men who are polygamous face more than quadruple the risk of having blocked heart vessels, compared with men married to one woman, new research suggests.

Polygamy, Polygyny, Polyandry, Effects of Polygamy on Women and Children Christianity and Democracy: A Cross-Cultural Study (Afterthoughts) Our new tests have provided additional support to the theory that polygyny, unilineal descent organization and large extended families could be regarded as universal negative predictors of the communal democracy.

The negative effects of a polygamous lifestyle
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